How to visit a Buddhist Monastery

Not much that has been written about the etiquettes you need to keep in mind when visiting a Buddhist monastery. Like any other temple, physician mosque and gurudwara care should be taken to maintain utmost respect towards the surroundings.

Buddhist monasteries are places of prayer and silence, help so before you actually decide to visit one, treatment remember to shell out the rules to your kids too. You wouldn’t like to get embarrassed by their ruckus and running around.

When you stand in front of a Buddhist statue bow your head in respect.Remember to open your shoes outside the grounds.

Never ever point at the statues or monks or nuns with your feet or hands. It is the extreme form of disrespect.

Ladies please cover yourself properly and remember you are going to a sacred place and not for a picnic. Sleeveless and deep necks are a strict no-no.

Cover your head with a wrap or a scarf if possible. Do not wear short skirts or shorts. Cover yourself till below the knees.When you meet a monk or a nun bow your head in respect.


Do not ever touch a monk or a nun or any statue. A monk will have to go through a cleansing ritual if you happen to touch one.

Control the PDA when on the location. Remember you are at a temple to cleanse your soul, show some respect.


Try and stay as quiet as possible, there will be people praying all around you.If you are taking the picture of a reclining Buddha, do so by kneeling down. Maintain your distance.

When inside the hall always move from right to left, along side the walls. Always allow the traffic in the temple to keep moving and wait for your turn.When people are prostrating in front of Buddha, please do not walk in front of them.


Do not step over any religious books, prayer beads or other texts.

Do not touch any prayer items being used by a monk, without their permission.

There can be nothing worse than lying down and relaxing in a Buddhist temple.


Always sit cross legged on a cushion or on chair at the back of the shrine. Most monks do not eat after noon, avoid eating when they are around.If you respect and address the monks with courtesy, you will only be a source of joy for everyone around you.If you want to speak to a monk ensure you are not standing above him and if possible sit at his level.Always use your right hand to receive and give anything to a monk.Try and enter with your left foot and leave with your right foot out.

 Be a responsible tourist, do not litter and be respectful.


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