The Mystery of the Jogni Falls in Manali

There are some pockets of nature that leave you spell bounded. They cast a spell and you fail to snap out of it for many days. The trek to Jogni Falls, viagra 60mg in Manali, Kullu HP, is one such place. I visited the place in June this year and since then have been longing to share my experience with all of you.

Vashisht Temple

Let me first tell you that the area of Vashist is a relief from the jostling crowds of Manali. You need to turn left once the you cross the bridge after the main market to head towards Vashisht. It takes almost ten minutes by a four wheeler once you start the steep climb from the national highway. All along the way you will see small and big hotels, resorts, and shops. I suggest not taking your own car, instead hiring a cab or taking an auto as you won’t find any place to park at the top.

Lord Rama temple

You will first notice the modest but impressive temple dedicated to Vashsist Muni. There is another temple dedicated to Lord Rama behind it, which is a must see. Let me inform you that the temple remains closed from 2pm to 4pm. Seek blessings at both these places and the head towards the hot sulphur baths located next to the temples.

Entry to Hot Sulphur Springs


These hot sulphur springs are designed in two wings, for men and women.  The water was scalding in June and taking a bath was impossible. But allow me to draw a picture for you, where on a rainy day you take a dip in this water, with the cold rain coming down onto this open to air bath. How many places can offer you this bliss, very few!

German bakery cafe

The bathing experience is sure to build an appetite, and to quench that move towards the German Bakery, located next to the hot water springs compound right in the central square. The choice here is bewildering and the food exceptionally good. And yes, it’s not the height that’s making you feel funny, the food is really gobsmacking. You can eat sweet dishes made from yak milk and cheese. Dig into rum cakes or pies, fresh cinnamon rolls or just have a cup of piping hot coffee. The owner is very polite and in offseason heads down to Goa, to set up shop there.

At the start of the trail

The trail to Jogni Falls starts right from the side of the bakery. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and carry water with you before you embark on this delightful trek. In the beginning you will pass through small villages and see camping sites on both sides of this small road. The gradient is very gradual and never gets very steep or tiring. But definitely not recommended for elderly or very small children. I was accompanied by my daughters aged 12 and 5 and they did just fine.  The weather is pleasant here from the end of March till the end of June, before the rains come. But like they say in the mountains the weather is most unpredictable, so it is advisable to carry light woolens.

On the way to the falls

Rains from July to September will make the trail very mucky, wet and slippery at places. First timers please venture at your own risk or hire a guide with you.


View of the Himalayas

The views of the Himalayas are breathtaking and force you to stop and gasp at them. The fresh mountain air casts a spell on your mind and soul and tempts you to stay back and forget the world you came from.

Near a small village

The peace and the quiet is broken only by the chirping of a bird or by the sound of water gushing through a small rivulet. The government has put a complete ban on construction in the area and I have no words to thank them for this. Otherwise this place would have been teeming with concrete like Shimla and Kasauli. There are a few small tents and cafes on the way, mostly frequented by foreigners.

Complete Silence Zone

Before you actually reach the falls you can hear the thundering noise of the water that tell’s you that you are near. It’s a complete silence zone, so the excitement is bound to rise until you have the first glimpse of the Jogni falls.

Jogni Falls

The high mountain and the water cascading down is a sight you will never forget all your life. It draws you towards itself like a magnet.

At Jogni Mata temple

There is a board here which clearly says that no shoes beyond this point, as there is a temple dedicated to a Jogni Mata here, but very few pay heed to the warning.

Shameful left overs

I was ashamed to see the scribbling people had left on the  walls of the compound of the temple. Will we never grow up and become mature travelers ?

Jogni Mata Temple

Seek blessings from the deity and then go dip your feet into the ice cold and clear water of the waterfall.

The icy cold clear water

The adventurous lot can also trek further to the base of the water fall which is another thirty to forty five minutes walk uphill.

The cascading water

On the whole I strongly recommend this trek for people looking for respite from the nonsensical crowds in Manali and wanting to take a break in the lap of nature. The trek does not take more than two hours. But it sure did leave me refreshed to the soul and gifted me a bountiful of memories I will cherish for life.








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