Breath Taking Valleys in Himachal That Must Be Visited Once In Your Lifetime

The incredible beauty and natural diversity of Himachal Pradesh is unmatched. The greenery, capsule the snow capped mountains, viagra 100mg the sleepy villages and the forests, decease make it the most sought after state in the country.

It has some of the most beautiful valleys in the world, each one with a personality and exceptional beauty of its own.

  1. The Chamba Valley

It has been created by the river Ravi and offers a wide diversity in flora and fauna. One can see the hillside dotted with small villages and cultivation of figs, olives and pomegranates in the lower regions. Town dwellers, who have only read about terrace farming in books, can see them first hand.

Chamba Valley


  1. Pangi Valley

Very close to the Chamba valley is the Pangi valley. It extends along the Chenab river, which actually flows through the Pir Panjal range. If you want to visit Western Himalayas at their virgin best, then visit Pangi valley.

Pangi Valley


  1. Kangra Valley

This valley is located at a low altitude in the Himalayas. It has Shivalik Hills on one side and Dhauladhar range on the other. The valley is rich with historic monuments, and traces of old civilizations. The people here have exceptional beauty and are very well cultured too.

Kangra Valley


  1. Kullu Valley

Kullu is famous for its sprawling apple orchards and forests of pine and deodar. As the Beas River meanders, the topography of the area keeps changing with it. The valley is full of gorges, cliffs and forests of Deodar and Pine. Some of the most beautiful wild flowers are found in this valley.

Kullu Valley


  1. Sangla or Baspa valley

Kinnaur is blessed to have the Baspa valley in its fold. The highest point of this valley is Chitkul, which is the confluence of Baspa and Satluj rivers. Due to heavy snow and a good monsoon, the valley is rich in all kinds of tress and wild beasts. Just like the beauty of Kinnauri people, the valley is a jewel in the crown of HP.

Sangla / Baspa Valley


  •  Satluj Valley

Satluj enters India at Shipki and meanders till Bilaspur. The mighty Satluj cuts through the Pir Panjal, Dhauladhr and Zanskar ranges. Some of the major towns of HP are found on its banks, like Bilaspur, Bhaba and Rampur.

Satluj Valley


  1. Rohru or Pabbar Valley

The Rohru valley is nourished by the river Pabbar, which originates from Chanchal peak in Kinnaur. The valley extends till Hatkoti to Tikri to Chanchal in Rohru. The valley displays a zig zag pattern at many places due to the innumerous streams running on the hillsides. It is very famous for trout fishing.

Rohru / Pabbar Valley


  1. Lahaul and Spiti Valley

The Lahaul valley is demographically located towards the north of Pir Panjal. It comprises of rivers Tandi, Chandra, Bhaga and Chenab. The Spiti valley is formed by the course of the Spiti River. Kaza is the most famous town in the Spiti valley. The valley stays cut off from the rest of the nation in the snow months. Both Lahual and Spiti have many famous monasteries. The soil is fertile and people hardworking and cheerful.

Spiti Valley



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